Nate and Emily- Alexandria, VA

Holy cow 2008 ended with a bang! Very last minute, Nate, Emily, and I decided to meet up to squeeze in their engagement session and I am so glad we did! The 213098 mile per hour wind outside forced the majority of our session inside, but they were such good sports and even braved the crazy wind for a few minutes! I always tell the guy to come prepared with his best jokes to make her laugh. Well, I don’t think Nate told a single joke, but he had Emily smiling and laughing the ENTIRE time :0) You both look so happy and it totally shows in these pictures! Can’t wait for your wedding this Spring! Here are some of my favorites and your slideshow! 

nateemily1nateemily21This next one very well might be my favorite from the session.. nateemily3nateemily4nateemily5nateemily6I LOVE the way he is looking at her in this next one! nateemily7nateemily81nateemily91nateemily10
Or this one could be my favorite.. nateemily11nateemily12Okay okay, now THIS one is definitely the favorite :0)


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  1. tim dinofa says:

    this looks like it was a super fun radtastic shoot – you totally rocked it. great work.

  2. Anna says:

    Gorgeous photos! I really like your work! :)

  3. Raquita says:

    oh I love the one of him sitting the tilt is perfect on that well done!

  4. Kriea says:

    I love that last one!!!

  5. Amber V says:

    Lovely pics! They both look so in love!

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