A New Little Friend: Sophia Angel

Today I got to spend some time with my friend Beverly visiting a good friend from college, Steph and her brand new baby girl Sophia. Sophia is three weeks old and super sweet and cuddly :0) so of COURSE I had to bring the camera and take just a few of this sweet baby and her beautiful mama (who SERIOUSLY looked ridiculously amazing after just having a baby! holy smokes!) Here are just a few that I snapped as Steph was tryin to wake her up, rather unsuccessfully :0)

look at this beautiful little angel!! sophia1This was her “ahhhh mooooooom!!!!! just let me sleeeeeeeeep!!” face :0) sophia2Playin around with some new textures! Gotta get one of the little baby toes! sophia3Steph is such a natural mother.. you look BEAUTIFUL! sophia5This definitely was the favorite from the day.. sophia6Look at that little smile on Sophia’s face!! so cute!!!sophia91Thanks again for letting us come visit!! Congratulations Steph, Sophia is just perfect!! :0)sophia10

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  1. Lindsey Seegers says:


    I haven’t seen Stephanie since she (& Sophia-to-be) was in our wedding. These are the first photos I’ve seen of the family, and what a way to see them. Thank you!

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