dear god, 

please let them stay this little forever and ever amen. 

love, me laurensam1laurensam2laurensam3She’s got the sweetest spirit! Love that smile :0) laurensam4laurensam5I love this one of Lauren! one of the things I love most about her is she’s such a dreamer and has the most incredible imagination! laurensam6Sammy is such a little stud :0) laurensam7laurensam9So full of joy! laurensam8Yesterday Lauren climbs up on my lap and says “I just want to hug you all the time!” and I though, my thoughts exactly.. laurensam10

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  1. Jim Pickerell says:

    Great pictures. You could get them work as models.


  2. Mark Hayes says:

    How precious. I love the energy in these.

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