The 411 on Custom ‘Save the Date’ Cards!

I’ve had several new clients ask what the scoop is in regard to the custom designed “Save the Date” cards that come with all of my packages, so I thought I would show off some of my favorites! What happens after your engagement session is you let me know the image(s) you want featured, although I will say less really is more in this case.. better one or two big images than a bunch of little ones in my opinion. You also let me know specific colors that you like, an overall tone to the card, and what you want it to say. Then I will create a card specific to your photo and personalities. You can request a save the date card like one you see here if it really sticks out to you, but don’t worry about having to pick a predesigned card… that’s the beauty of them being CUSTOM designed :0) Here are some examples!

This was one of the first drafts I did for Nick and Virginia… savethedate2…and this is what we ended up with! so you can see, we can make as many changes/edits as it takes to get it how YOU love it! savethedate5For Nate and Emily, they wanted more of a wedding announcement feel to it, since there wasn’t time to send out both an informal “Save the Date” card and a more formal invitation.. so we combined them! :0) savethedate3here’s what a more informal “Save the Date” card could have been still using the colors and font style they liked: nateemilystd1Here’s a real simple, clean cut, fun one from Kyle and Amy’s session: kyleamysavethedateand last but certainly not least: summerlogansavethedate

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