My Favorite Job

Okay, so I have a lot of jobs that I really love, but this one is definitely one of the most important in my life.. 

When my cousin got married almost three years ago they surprised everyone by having a baptism ceremony for their 11 month old son, Bobby, right after they said their vows and became husband and wife! They had been talking about potentially having godparents for their kids for a while, and the time had come to make that decision. Lulu and I were driving two days before the wedding and we were talking about it, we didn’t grow up with godparents, but her husband Bobby had and they finally decided it was something they wanted for their kids, and she almost shyly asked me if I would be willing to be little Bobby’s godmother. I believe my response was something along the lines of “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? OF COURSE I WILL!!!!!!” I stood up next to Lulu and Bobby and promised before  a congregation and my Heavenly Father to love this little man before me and always encourage and point him back to the One who created his heart and knit him together . Being a godmother is one of the biggest responsibilities and honors I have been given, and I swear its one of the best jobs out there :0)  I get to spoil them rotten when I see them, and I can’t wait to have them come visit me in years to come and spend a week loving the heck out of these amazing kids. 

Two years ago today my beautiful goddaughter Riley Lane came into this world. I spent 10 days over my spring break at my cousin’s house very VERY anxiously anticipating Riley’s arrival and excited to help her out with little Bobby when she first got here. A few days went by… nothin. A few more days went by.. still nothin. She and I looked up every technique to start labor.. and still nothin! Wouldn’t you know, that as I got on the plane to come back home, Riley Lane decided that would be the best time to make her big appearance, and she was born literally an hour before my plane landed back in Virginia. Ironic, no? :0) 

I can NOT believe how quickly time is flying by and how big these kids are! If I could be there today to celebrate her special birthday (complete witha  Dora party- of course!) So I wanted to send a very special happy birthday message to my favorite two year old princess! I couldn’t love you more, and am so proud to be your godmother! 

These were all taken last June, I’m hoping to have some newer ones to show you guys some time this summer :0) riley1riley2This is definitely my favorite picture of Riley I’ve ever taken.. ;0) c’mon how stinkin cute is she?!?!?riley6Of course we can’t forget about big brother.. riley3And now for one of my favorite pictures of all time that my cousin took of me and LilB. I have this one blown up and framed in my room.. this, right here, is one of my own personal happy places :0) riley5

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    Aww. Too cute :)

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