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I first heard about YoungLives over 4 years ago at a YoungLife leadership weekend in Williamsburg. YoungLife is a Christian outreach organization that trains college and young adult leaders to go in to high school and middle schools and build relationships and ‘earn the right to be heard’ We have an incredible opportunity as younglife leaders to get to know these awesome young men and women where they are and present the awesome truth of God’s unconditional love for them. YoungLives is a newer branch under younglife that reaches out specifically to pregnant and parenting teens. After leading younglife at Warwick High School (yeah Raiders!!) for three years, I was so excited to hear that younglives was finally getting started up on the peninsula! I’m so excited to have an opportunity to be a part of what God is doing in this new ministry! We had our second ever club this last Saturday afternoon, check out a couple fun pictures from our time together :0)

The first game we played, the girls had to see who could fit the most balloons in the biggest sweat pants we could find!

younglives1younglives2younglives3younglives4We have an awesome group of women that come in and do childcare for the kids while their moms are at club, campaigners, or even camp! Check out this handsome little guy :0) younglives5There are so many ways to get involved and support this ministry, whether its through being a leader/mentor, on committee, helping with childcare, or financially supporting this ministry and helping the girls get to camp. You can check out the website at (the picture thats on that page is one that I took last summer at camp! :0) ) If you’re looking for an awesome opportunity to serve this ministry and these girls I would highly suggest helping with childcare at camp this summer! Camp allows the girls to bring their children with them, and during specific parts of the day such as club or cabin time when the leaders start really going deep with the girls, the kids are paired up with one child care worker that they get to know throughout the week. Its amazing to be able to pray for the girls and their babies all week long, and literally be able to see lives changed forever throughout the course of just one week. There’s lots of info on the website, or contact me if you’re interested in more information! :0)

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  1. Karena says:

    These pictures are precious :)

  2. Jess M says:

    I just got so excited after looking at these pictures! Yay for YLVS & your talent to capture beautiful moments!

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