’twas the night before…

I had the pleasure of joining Dan and Lindsay as they welcomed friends and family here for their wedding at the rehearsal dinner last night. There is such a rush of excitement the night before your wedding, and Lindsay and Dan were nothing short of joyful to be around all of their favorite people. I loved hearing Lindsay and her friends talking about her relationship with Dan: “I used to think it was about the fireworks.. that there needed to be this immediate rush and overwhelming feeling.. but for Dan and I it was more about the experience and realizing that I had fallen in love with my best friend.” Dan and Lindsay compliment each other perfectly, and its so clear that their marriage is founded on a solid friendship, genuine respect, and unending affection. 

I loved the decor Lindsay had set up! The tables looked great! Complete with cupcakes for Dan’s birthday which is TODAY! Happy Birthday Dan! rehearsal1rehearsal2rehearsal3rehearsal4Love this one of Linday’s dad.. I think he was just a liiiiiittle nervous about giving his only daughter away :0) rehearsal5rehearsal6I was able to steal Dan and Lindsay away just for a few minutes to take advantage of the great lighting outside :0) rehearsal8rehearsal9What can I say, Dan’s a funny guy! ;0) rehearsal7

BUT WAIT! there’s more!!! ;0) 

Lindsay and Dan were married this morning at the Washington DC Temple and the reception is tonight in Richmond, so I had a few hours to look through some of the pictures and I just had to stick a few of my immediate favorites up for them to see before they leave for their honeymoon!!! I arrived outside the temple to all of their family and friends waiting for them to make their big exit after the ceremony. They keep the ceremony very small and intimate with no photography or recording allowed, so these were my first shots of Lindsay and Dan of the day. The temple definitely provided MORE than enough beautiful places to shoot, I could have stayed there all day! :0) 

How cute is she?!? :0) preview11Husband and Wife! preview2These very well could be my favorite… I was a little worried about the light being too harsh around 11, but we found this beautiful spot in the shade.. and these blossoms are the perfect shade of Lindsay pink!! Couldn’t have planned it better if I tried ;0) preview3preview5CHECK OUT THOSE SHOES!! Okay those are probably the best shoes I’ve ever seen on a bride… definitely party shoes ;0) preview6Lindsay is definitely one of the classiest brides I’ve ever met. She was simply stunning! preview7preview8 Enjoy that little preview!! I’m off to the reception now but I will have the full post and slideshow up sometime this week :0)

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  1. Niki Edgett says:

    i have you as a friend on facebook and have been reading your blog and being inspired by your work!
    I did my first paid wedding shoot this week and it was a blast!
    just wanted to comment i am here and enjoying your art

  2. Sheryl says:

    sorry i meant to say more please. ha! your work is great!

  3. Sheryl says:

    more! i was the one who “caught” the bouquet!

  4. Sara Bevins says:

    Jessie! Don’t tease us, I keep looking at your new blogs, I am in love with every picture! they are so amazing, I cannot wait to see my own ! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures, she looks beautiful!

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