Dan and Lindsay- Part 2

Dan and Lindsay had their reception at the beautiful Country Club of Virginia in Richmond later that evening. Now, I think its safe to say I’ve been to my fair share of amazing weddings over the last few years, and I love making mental notes of all the little elements that I like and want to remember one day for my own wedding. I can honestly say that every aspect of Dan and Lindsay’s reception is exactly how I hope my wedding will be one day. Every tiny detail was so thoughtfully planned out before hand, so that Dan and Lindsay could focus on what was really important; celebrating their marriage and spending time with their friends and family. I walked around before the wedding party arrived with my jaw dropped just in awe at how creative Lindsay is and how beautifully everything came together. Like I said yesterday, Lindsay is hands down one of the classiest brides I’ve ever met and the reception was nothing less; their personal touch was on every element from the flowers to the ribbons on the picture frames. I loved watching Lindsay and Dan greet all of their friends and family; you could tell they were genuinely excited and so thankful to have each one of them there :0) 

I could have done an entire post on all the amazing details! The first thing you saw when you walked in was the candy table… “a sweet thank you” :0)dlr1The flowers were BEAUTIFUL! dlr3They had these sweet birdhouses on all the tables outside on the patio.. love them! dlr2Look how awesome the center pieces were: dlr4dlr5Dan and Lindsay were smart and planned lots of extra time before their guests arrived for pictures, so we had plenty of time for some extra family formals! Check out how sweet their nieces are! dlr6dlr7Lovely sisters :0) dlr8dlr9umm HELLOOOOO gorgeous!!! dlr10Dan got just a little distracted ;0) I guess he’s allowed to play golf for a few minutes.. it was his birthday after all! dlr11dlr12They had even more flowers out front! dlr13LOVE these next two! dlr14dlr15I borrowed their rings for a few shots outside and love the results.. but I thought I’d just blog two of my favorite shots…. one for Lindsay: dlr16and one for the golfer in Dan ;0) dlr17Cute Kate :0) dlr18They had a smoothie station outside!!! Now that idea I’m definitely borrowing one day ;0) dlr19First dance! dlr20Love the movement in this one! dlr21dlr22dlr23dlr24Yeah, they’re a pretty awesome couple :0) dlr25What an exit! Enjoy your honeymoon!! dlr26

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