Jacob Ryan- Virginia Beach, VA

Look who finally decided to make his big appearance!!! I thought for sure Jacob was going to come right after Christine’s maternity session in Virginia Beach back in May, but that little boy held out as long as he possibly could! I was so excited to finally meet baby Jacob earlier this week! I can’t wait to watch him grow up over the next year with his ‘Babies First Year’ package :0) j1j2
j3j4j5j6j7Look at that,he’s already a pro at the pouty lip! j8j9j10j11j12Look at those blue eyes!! I wanted to make sure I got a picture showing just how blue his eyes were, because I’m willing to bet they don’t stay like that for too long! :0) j13Such a sweet smile :0) j14j15Signature baby love shot: j16j17j18I’d say they’re pretty smitten with him, what do you think?? ;0) j19j20Make sure you check back in a few months for Jacob’s 3 month session!

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  2. Christine Pries says:

    They came out awesome .. I can not wait for Samuel to see them. As always you do amazing work. Love it .. Love it … Love it!

  3. rachel says:

    These are so sweet. It will be fun to watch him grow through the pictures even if you don’t know him. Loved the close ups of him. So alert. Sweet baby.

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