ahh the joys of being an aunt…

All of you who have been following the blog for the last year or so know these girls very well by now. Sarah was one of my YL girls (IS one of my YL girls? I never know what to say since they’re all off at college now!) and Brileigh is her her sweet niece. Look how much Brileigh has grown since March! Its crazy to look back over pictures of taken of them in the past and think of how much has changed and how much they have both grown up this last year. I’ve loved being able to spend time with these two girls this summer, I’m going to miss both of them when Sarah goes back to school this weekend! Sarah just recently started her own Arbonne business and needed a new picture for her website, and I was happy to oblige! Make sure you check out her website! Of course we had to get some of Brileigh too now that she’s talking and walkin all over the place! You can tell how much Sarah adores Brileigh, and I’m fairly confident she already has the stow away box all ready for Brileigh to smuggle her back to Longwood this weekend ;0) s1s3I’m pretty sure this happened while she was trying to master the ‘fierce’ expression ;0) Gotta say I think I like this look expression even better! s4I knew we brought Colin along for a reason ;0) He’s always good at makin these girls smile!! s7I’m pretty sure the highlight of Brileigh’s day was when a dog walked by, she wasn’t ¬†interested in anything else but following that puppy!¬†love her excitement here.. you know she’s saying to Sarah “did you SEE that puppy?!??!?!? lets GO lets GO lets GOOO!!!” s9s10definitely a favorite :0) s11

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  1. Sarah says:

    You are just amazing my friend! And not just because you are an awesome photographer! Thank you so much for capturing my entire summer in just a few pictures (and every reason I’m going to cry when I leave for school).

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