the countdown is on!

Back in June I told you that Lauren and I had a very special girls trip coming in October.. and my countdown has officially begun! I have 5 weddings and at least 7 portrait sessions coming up in September, so I’ve known for a while that I needed to schedule some time away from my computer after this marathon month. I wouldnt trade my job for anything, but since summer is my busy season I can’t take vacations when the rest of the world does. So, October it is! I’ve been dreaming about this trip for the last few years, never thinking it would actually happen. I’m pretty sure when I first mentioned this trip to my mom she laughed, but I can’t wait! October 1-8, my mom, Lauren, and I are heading to the happiest place on earth for a girls week :0) Lauren has never been to disney world, and she’s at the PERFECT age where she totally buys into the magic of it all and is still very much in the princess fairy tale stage.. so its about time for her to meet Cinderella and the gang ;0) I can’t wait to see the look on her face as she experiences it all for the first time! 

I will admit that when I first started planning this trip I had ZERO knowledge of everything that went into planning a disney trip… everything from dining reservations to park schedules to show times.. ooooh my! If you have any tips for me over this next month PLEASE share! The last time I went was with a high school choir trip (yikes…) so its been quite a while. Any advice about things not to miss or anything that would make the trip extra special for Lauren’s first time, please share! d1I’ve been working on a little journal for Lauren that she can fill out every day, hey we gotta make up for missing a week of kindergarten some how! ;0) d2d3d4Can’t wait! Bring on the disney tips! And make sure you check back a lot in September as I’m going to have a LOT of fun pictures to share with you! ;0)

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  1. Lindsey Seegers says:

    I’m so jealous, Andrew went to Disney World for our honeymoon and talk about how we miss it ALL THE TIME!!! (Of course it’s almost been a year, so now we’re on to Niagra Falls for our anniversary–a more adult playground!) No doubt, you will have a SUPER fantastic trip.

    I highly, highly, reccommend The 2008 Unofficial Guide to Disney World, which we found used an Amazon for not much at all. It’s incredibly helpful in making an agenda and making the most of your time, and breaks down everything from the most kid-friendly restuarants to the best time of day to see a show, etc. A must before your trip!!

    Have a FANTASTIC time, and take lots of pictures!!!!


  2. first off..congrats on going to disney world!! no matter the age you always feel like a kid there.. one thing you should definately check out is the Fantasmic show at the end of the night at Disney Hollywood Studios. The park it’s self is the smallest of the disney parks and I wouldn’t say there is a lot of things to do there. It’s all about movies and there are a few rides but most of it is watching shows, etc. Like they have the beauty and the beast play there, indiana jones, etc. But at the end of the nite they have this HUGE water,lights, & firework show..WOW. It’s amazing. My husband and I went there while we were in Florida for our honeymoon. We covered the entire park in less than 5 hours. By 7pm we were done and ready to leave but someone had told us no matter what you do DON’T MISS THAT SHOW. So we walked around the park for a second time, we ate, etc. just stalling we could make sure we saw that show. WOW it was totally worth it. Were going back to disneyworld in january and were getting the park hopper pass. That way we can go to animal kingdom or the magic kingdom all day long..and then towards the end of the nite were gonna go over to the hollywood studios just to see that show. So seriously…no matter what you do don’t miss it. Disney Hollywood Studios – Fantasmic Show
    xoxo, Melissa

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