Anela Mae: 9 months- Virginia Beach, VA

Sooo between vacations and crazy schedules we’re getting to Anela’s 9 month session, well, a month late.. so these are technically her 10 month pictures, but for the purposes of the Babies First Year package, its close enough ;0) I canNOT believe how fast this sweet girl is growing up right before my eyes! You will remember her newborn session like it was yesterday: anela9 and it was just the other day you were “awwwww”-ing over this sweet 3 month old girl:3monthsand who could forget 6 months with all those tutus?!?6monthsWell these days miss Anela is still the sweetest thing around.. and guess who is WALKING like a pro! Its SO cute watching those little shaky legs go as fast as she can make them go ;0) Hey, she’s gotta keep up with that big brother of hers somehow! We did a quick mini session when I was down in Virginia Beach the other day, and Anela was all smiles for the camera :0) I don’t think she liked the grass though, she was cracking us up with that foot, she did NOT want to put it down! ha! a14a21I looooove how Anela scrunches up her face full of joy when she gets excited ;0) so cute!!! a31a41like I said, she was not too crazy about walking in the grass… i still think her expression is so funny! a51love it love it love it! a61a71a81a91a101bubbles!! and LOTS of them! a111ooooh yeah now we’re talkin :0) Mom knows the good stuff! a121a131thats one happy girl :0) make sure you check back in a few months when this girl turns 1!! Can’t believe it! a141Happy Saturday!

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  1. Molly says:

    Oh, she is so precious! This sooo make me want another baby! Love how you captured her “icky” faces not wanting to walk in the grass. You always hear how babies aren’t to fond of it but here you captured a photo to tell with the story…very cute.

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