Froggy Goes to Disney World!

Ingrid and her girls Amanda (11), Sarah (8), and Katie (5) just left and in Lauren’s own words “that is SO upsetting!!” :0( We miss them already! Lauren and Katie literally did not stop giggling with each other for the last 48 hours that they have been able to spend with us and its been absolutely precious to watch. They are one month apart in age and it was so fun to watch them both experience Disney World for the first time together holding hands and running everywhere they went. Sarah and Amanda are pretty much my new best friends and I think I might drive to Florida every weekend just so we can have HSM dance parties and do karaoke together (just wait, there will be videos to come ;0) ) Amanda, Sarah, and Katie are three of the most polite, well behaved, sweetest, most FUN girls I’ve ever met, and I only hope one day to have kids half as wonderful as they are! Thank you girls for being so FABULOUS!!!! :0) 

So the picture of the day today had to include Froggy. He’s Katie’s kindergarten class pet and when you’re the star of the week you get to take Froggy home with you, and then write and show pictures of what you did with him during the week. Well this was Froggy’s lucky week cause Katie was the class star, so Froggy got a trip to Disney World! He got to meet all of the princesses, go on all kinds of rides, AND meet the most famous frog of all; KERMIT! We made sure to get Froggy in lots of pictures, so if you see a little green frog in a bunch of pictures when I do a full post from our trip, thats why :0) Hope you all had a great weekend! d11Aren’t her girls beautiful?! They had a ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids!’ play set at Hollywood Studios, and yes, that is a giant ice cream cookie sandwich behind them ;0) 

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