The Lawlor Family- Alexandria Children’s Photographer

In high school everyone had that one teacher. The one who made the lasting positive impact. I know most of us don’t have super fond memories when we think back to our high school teachers, and I definitely had a few nightmare teachers that I could have done without, but if you’re lucky you had a teacher like Mrs. Lawlor that made up big time for all the others. Mrs. Lawlor (or Layton as I’m now supposed to call her ;0) ) started at Langley High School the same year I did and walked with my class all the way until graduation. She was my freshman year history teacher all the way through senior year government. She was our class sponsor, wrote my college recommendation letter, and took a genuine unforgettable interested in me. I’m so thankful to be able to say I had a teacher like that! These days she’s taking a break from high school history classes to spend time teaching equally as important things like washing hands, sharing with baby sisters, and the important of saying things like please, thank you, and yes ma’am to her two wonderful children, Eamon and Sylvia. I was so excited to finally get to meet them earlier this week! Derek and Layton, thanks for sharing your family with  me for the morning! I can’t wait to come back again :0) I have so many favorites from your session, so I’m blogging a few extra images than I usually would.. hope you don’t mind! ;0) l1l2l3l4l5l6Eamon decided that if Daddy got a kiss… l7…that he most certainly needed one too!! l8l9l10I’ve decided I really don’t love family pictures where everyone is looking at the camera, I much prefer ones like these where they’re interacting with each other and I’m able to capture those real smiles and giggles! l11l12I think Layton was worried they were going to have all pictures of Eamon jumping in the air.. little did she know my camera is fast enough to get the quick moments in between jumps ;0) Definitely one of my favorites! l13l14l15l16l17These next two are definitely the favorites! I love Eamon and Sylvia’s expressions! So stinkin cute! l18l19l20holy smokes i love this next one of the two of them! l21who knew something as simple as leaves could be so fascinating?! l22l23l24l25Sylvia’s face cracks me up here :0) l26l27Happy Friday!!

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