The Malaise Family- Alexandria Children’s Photographer

Have I mentioned yet today how much fun I’m having getting to know all these new families?!? I can already see Carson running around chasing Hayden this time next year for their portraits :0) I know I’ve said this before, but I think its SO important to document kids when they’re this little, because Lord knows they don’t stay this little for very long! Besides, you have to have some good old pictures to pull out for their senior year book, right? ;0) Anyway check out how CUTE these two boys are, I can’t wait til Carson has a full head of red hair to match Hayden… c’mon now, seriously too cute!

I’m trying something a little new instead of the frame and logo, let me know what you think! I’m not totally sold on it yet, so leave me some feedback! Do we like this better than the frame and logo? Either way, I still love the picture! m110m22m31m41I love how you can kind of see the clouds in his eyes :0) m51m61love the colors! m71So Carson was pretty fascinated with.. well, everything! and of course, everything had to go in his mouth! The leaves were apparently very tasty, especially that red one! mmm, mmm, MMM! ;0) m81m91m101priceless. ;0) m111m121When I was first sorting through these images and came across this one I couldnt bring myself to stop laughing and move on to the next picture for about 5 minutes :0) m131m141m151m161m171m181m191m201m211

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