Sneak Peek!

My sincere apology for the last of posting this last week! I think thats the longest I’ve gone in a LONG time without posting, so I apologize for that and THANK YOU for your patience with me this last week and letting me enjoy my vacation! I’m working on a post to show you just how much I enjoyed this past week (and how very sad I was to return back to the cold!) but for now here’s a sweet preview of the wedding I shot yesterday! Angelina and Josh were my last wedding of 2009 and what a great note to end on!! I can’t wait to share with you, I have so many favorites already after just sorting through the first time around! ja1Many, many more to come! Happy Sunday!

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  1. jessica smith says:

    hey jess im 16 and my name is also jessica smith lol im tottaly in love with taking pics i have bein forever, in grade 6 my school GAVE me a camrra and in grade 7 i had my first buy :) im really inspired by your art work.. vary cute :D so yeAH just wanted to say hi … get back soon !!!! :D

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