Josh and Angelina- Newport News Wedding Photographer

I have to admit that I’m very sad that my 2009 wedding season has officially ended, it was an amazing year and I’m truly blessed by the couples that have allowed me into their lives and let me be a very small part of the best day of their lives. With that said, what a wonderful note to end on! By now you have gotten to know the Shaw Family very well as you’ve watched Anela Mae grow over the last year, well now its time to meet her Aunty Lina and new Uncle Josh! ¬†Angelina is an artist so I knew she would be great to work with and bring her talent into the photography aspect of the day. Before the wedding she and I walked around the Marriott at City Center in Newport News where they were getting married for almost two hours and scoped out lots of great locations and back up locations (hey, you never know what you’re going to get weather wise in the middle of December!) and she pointed out so many different architectural and industrial looking elements to the building that she liked, so I knew right away they were going to have great, unique portraits!

It always means so much to me when a couple really prioritizes photography the day of their wedding, and Josh and Angelina went above and beyond! They opted for a first look (which always puts a smile on my face!) for a couple different reasons: first of all they wanted to really be able to take their time and enjoy being together for a little while before they partied the day away; second, the light would be so much better in the morning than in the evening since it gets dark around 5 (***side note to any couple planning a wedding Nov-Feb, its a good idea to plan to have all your portraits/formal pictures DONE by 4:30ish at the latest, which means an earlier ceremony, otherwise all the pictures will have to be inside which is a bit of a bummer***) However, the main reason Josh and Angelina wanted to do a first look is because they had saved their very first kiss as a couple for their wedding day! Yes, you read that right, their first kiss happened just an hour before they became husband and wife and I think that is such a sweet testimony to their relationship and how it is grounded in friendship, faith, genuine love, and respect for one another. I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever had a couple as joyful and giddy to get married as Josh and Angelina were. I think it took everything in Angelina not to throw on her wedding dress and sprint downstairs to see Josh the moment she got there ;0) Josh and Angelina, thank you for inviting me to be a part of it all and for trusting me with your vision for your wedding day! Happy Viewing! :0)

Like I said, Angelina was nothing less than ecstatic!!
aj2Josh was pretty excited himself :0)aj3This next series of pictures are why I love when a couple opts for a first look, I love the emotion in these images! aj4aj5aj6aj7First Kiss! aj8aj9aj10Another reason why couples love doing a first look is because it gives them as long as they want to really soak in the moment, Josh could admire Angelina for as long as he wanted without any distractions ;0) aj11Yep, I’d say they were both pretty darn happy! aj12aj13aj14aj15aj16aj17aj18aj19Now onto the ceremony.. see, even when a couple goes for a first look, the excitement of seeing each other as she’s walking down the aisle is just as real :0) aj20aj21aj22aj23They had QUITE the exit planned from the ceremony! aj24Not gonna lie, this is potentially one of my favorites from the day ;0) aj25Fun groomsmen make me a VERY happy photographer! aj26Josh and Angelina earn double brownie points for blocking off even a little MORE time after the ceremony to sneak away and do a few more pictures now that they were officially HUSBAND and WIFE! woo! aj27aj28aj29aj30aj31aj33aj34aj35LOVE this one during the first dance! They had one of the best first dances I’ve ever seen! aj36aj37aj38Instead of doing a big exit and making their guests stand out in the cold, they gave everyone bubbles and had some fun during their last dance! aj39
Enjoy many, MANY more in the slideshow!

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  1. Amy Watts says:

    Hey, fabulous photos– you really captured the joy and innocence of their personalities and of their happy day. Good job.

  2. Angelina says:

    Jessie you did a GREAT job. It is great to see them and so soon…..thanks!

  3. evelyn says:

    i love the pictures on the silver circle thing and the piano…very cooL!

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