to my fabulous 2009 couples…

There’s no doubt that 2009 has been the best, most significant year I’ve experienced in regard to my little business, and thats all because of these amazing people that have allowed me into their lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship, business, and excitement about me and what I do with a camera in my hands. Wishing you all the happiness in the world for this first year of marriage, and that you will forever be able to look at these pictures and remember the promises you made and the joy you felt the day you married the love of your life. You have blessed me more than you will ever know!2009weddingsI hope you all had a very merry christmas with your loved ones! Regularly scheduled programing will continue at the beginning of January; I’m already trying hard to sort through all my favorite images from 2009, and its proving to be a MUCH harder task than I thought! I think I could do a “Best of 2009” blog post for every single category instead of just the general “weddings” and “portraits”.. I loved them all! I will be starting all those posts up early in January, so make sure to check back! Hope you have a great (and safe) new years eve, I’ve got a date with the two cutest kids around, so you KNOW you can always count on fun pictures of them! :0)

Also, an early CONGRATULATIONS to all the couples that got engaged over the holiday!! This is by far the busiest time of year when I get a big rush of inquiries from all the newly engaged couples, so congratulations in advance and I can’t WAIT to talk with you all! Happy New Year!

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