Best of 2009: Portraits!!

Hoooly Cow I hope you’re ready for the biggest post ever! I have been working all night in an attempt to narrow this down some, and I just can’t do it anymore! I think I’ve realized what I like best about sorting through all these images is that it really helps me define MY style. I look through all these pictures and start to see the common thread throughout all of them and that excites me because each year I can narrow it down more and more so that I’m offering my clients images that truly tug on my heart and not just a standard image you would see on any other photographers blog. Anyway since there are SO many images to share I will get right to them!

Lets start with the newest additions of 2009! :0) Baby Love! b63b110b83b43b53b33b93b103b113b132b122b152b172b182b202b223b233b243Moving right along! Now onto some slightly bigger kids.. but always young at heart ;0)k4k6k2k7k5k10k12k11k13and last but most CERTAINLY not least.. the biggest kids of all! I loved getting to do more senior portraits than usual this year and I’d love to do even more next year! t2t3t1t4t5t7t9t11t12t14thanks for sharing your families with me this year! can’t wait to see you all again in 2010!!

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  1. rachel says:

    Jessie, This are amazing pictures. I am sure you had a hard time selecting your favorite. I look forwarding to seeing the pics from 2010.

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