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Tis the season for albums! One of the parts that I love about my job after the wedding is over is designing the couples album! This is your new families first keepsake item, and its so fun for me and for the couple to have a good excuse to go back through all their images to pick their favorites for the album! Even better is when the album is completed, printed and bound, and arrives on my doorstep in that huge brown box! I’ve thought so many times about shipping the albums directly to the clients, but then I would never get to see the finished product, and what fun is that?! ;0) I love seeing everything come together and watching the couple flip through it for the first time, knowing that this is a book that their grandchildren will be able to enjoy one day. I can’t say enough about these albums! I heart my album company BIG time, and firmly believe that every bride and groom should have one of these! Thankfully, all my clients seem to agree with that as well! Here are a few snapshots of some of the albums that came in the last few months! a11a2First up is Derek and Sara’s 10×10 Designer Mahogany album! a3a4Dan and Ashleigh opted to have their monogram printed on the front of their 10×10 Rustique Green album instead of an image: a5a6Tina and Chad opted for the Designer Mahogany as well with an outset cover photo on their 8×8 album: a7they also chose all lowercase Modern font and i love that look! a8a9Next up was Tommy and Allison’s 8×8 album: a10I had so many spreads from their album that I loved! a111a12Molly and Jake’s 8×8 album has a softer, Euro Black leather: a13a14Love this page of their first look! a15a16I designed an 8×8 studio sample album featuring Ashley’s bridal portraits and opted for a white leather.. I was unsure at first but I love the combo with the red and how it pops! a17a18a19There are SO many cover treatment options for you to pick from, ranging from a variety of leather or fabric treatments to font to color choices.. but there are also a lot of options you can choose from when it comes to your cover images! I love these three from Dan and Lindsay’s wedding and think they make a great series for the cover of this 8×8 album! a20a21a22Kelsey and Adam also opted for the 10×10 album in Designer Mahogany.. definitely one of the most popular choices! Understandably so! :0) a23a24and of course, they all come with my personal stamp of approval :0) a25I’ve got just a couple more to design from the end of 2009 wedding season, and its never too late to order an album or parent copy, so feel free to email me if you have any questions about albums!

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  1. Erica says:

    Hi Jessica, I found this post on Leather Craftsmen’s Facebook page and I’m wondering what cover you used for Tommy and Allison’s album – it looks very rich and polished.

  2. Brittany says:

    These are so beautiful Jessie … can’t wait to see mine!!! :)

  3. David Willis says:

    Your album company loves you too. Thanks for the post.

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