FAQ: Tips for your newborn session

I couldn’t be more excited that the Baby’s First Year packages have been such a big hit! There are already six new babies that you will be able to get to know over this next year that will be making their big appearance in the next two months! I can’t wait! Brace yourself for the cuteness that is about to hit the blog.. you’ve been forewarned! :0)

Because there are so many newborn sessions coming up I wanted to do a quick post with some helpful tips to keep in mind for the session!

#1) Include all family members! We want to get tons of pictures of your new addition, but we also want lots with mom AND dad, and any older siblings as well! Schedule your session for a time when  both mom and dad can be there, and also a time that works well for your other children (ie not during school or right before their nap) We want to make the siblings feel special and just as important as the new addition. And I think every mom and dad should have great pictures of them with their kids, and pictures of the whole family together since most of the time its either mom or dad behind the camera :0) Besides isn’t it so fun to watch how kids interact with their new baby? :0) Thanks to Lexi and Ava for modeling this:

lexi2As well as Evan and Jacob! One of my favorite family pictures ever! jacob#2) I strongly, STRONGLY encourage newborn session to take place when the baby is about one  week old, but definitely within the first two weeks. I want to really capture how teeny tiny they are, and then tend to do a lot better with the session within that first week. We will be moving them around for different pictures, scrunching them up for some, and putting them in all kinds of places, and they tend to sleep through it moreso if we do the session within that first week.

#3) CRANK THE HEAT! Most newborns are used to being all bundled up, and then when we take off all their clothes for those gotta-have nakey baby pictures, no wonder they don’t like that very much! Cranking the heat to  keep your newborn nice and warm is guaranteed to make the session flow smoother and keep them asleep better! If you have a space heater that we can move around the house with us that is perfect, or you can just really crank the heat in your home about 30 minutes before I get there so its nice and warm when we start the session! Also sometimes it helps if the baby is going to be laying on a blanket to throw the blanket in the dryer for a few minutes just to get it fluffy and warm. With Natalie’s session we did this a couple times or we held the blanket in front of the space heater before we set her down on it.. c’mon who doesn’t like curling up in a warm blanket right out of the dryer?!? :0)

#4) Going along with that, be prepared for any nakey baby shots, to have to clean up afterwards. It never fails, that as soon as all the clothes come off your little one that is the ideal time for them to use t he bathroom.. it has happened every time! So keep an extra sheet or two close by that you don’t mind throwing in the washing machine afterwards. What I suggest is that we take some pictures in just the diaper (and if its a girl maybe a little pink bow or headband), but if you want shots in a diaper it helps to find a solid color diaper cover, little bloomers or something, that you can put over the diaper. It gives it a clean look and covers up the characters that are usually on the diaper. Solid white, pink, or blue work fine, or if you want to find one with the babies monogram or some other little decoration on it that works too! lexi1#5) Just like the picture above, one of my favorite spots to take newborn pictures is your bedroom. It helps if the blanket you have on your bed isn’t super busy, but just be forewarned that I might ask to take pictures in your bedroom.. I know probably the last thing on your mind after you just had a baby is making the bed, but maybe just this one day, okay? :0)

#6) Think outside the box!!! We will take lots of pictures of you holding your precious baby, but lets get creative for shots of the baby by his/herself! Anything from a basket, shelf, serving bowl, gift box… if you wanted just the baby against a solid black backdrop you could go to picturepeople at your mall and get that.. we want to be creative with these pictures! Find some fun little props, bring blocks that spell out their name, a hat/booties/bloomers/fun outfit is always good! Pick places to put them that show off just how teeny tiny they are! This first one of Natalie is one of my favorites, because it shows you t hat she’s just as big as the tray and jewelry box! She will look at those things years from now and not believe she was ever the same size.. or those christmas stockings! I looks like we could fit 3 of her in each one! So think outside the box and get creative with places for pictures around your house :0) Thanks to miss Natalie for being such a good sport as we moved her all around the house :0) natalie1natalie3#7) Okay here’s the big one for all you moms out there.. WHAT THE HECK DO I WEAR?! I know, I know you just had a baby a week ago, so first things first. Really try and pamper yourself before the session! Go get your nails done, have someone do your hair and make up! One less thing for you to worry about. We want you in lots of pictures and we want to capture the joy and excitement that you’re feeling (and not so much the exhaustion that you’re feeling as well ;0) ) so tell your husband that I told you to go get your hair and make up done before the session! As far as what to wear, keep it simple. Please (puhleeeeeeease!) don’t feel the need for everyone to wear white shirts and jeans, but add some fun color to it! Scarves, necklaces, earrings… don’t be afraid of a little color! Something that I usually suggest (but never push) is the fact that skin on skin with newborn pictures is a great combination and never fails whether its pictures of the baby with mom or dad (or both!) With Natalie’s session we had the heat cranked and a space heater and I know Elizabeth was so hot, so I asked her if she had a solid color tank she could put on for a few up close pictures with Natalie and I loooove how these turned out: natalie2So simple, timeless, and just beautiful! So when you’re thinking about what to wear find something first and foremost that you feel comfortable and beautiful in, don’t shy away from color, try and avoid busy patterns, and always try and “coordinate” instead of MATCH.

Hope these were helpful! Keep an eye out for LOTS of Baby Love happening this spring on the blog!! :0)

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