Kenny and Brittany- Richmond VA Wedding Photographer

Confession: from the day that Brittany put on facebook that she and Kenny had set October 23rd as their wedding date, I put it as a tentative date on my calendar just hoping she would email me about photographing their wedding! She had mentioned last year at Emily and Nate’s wedding that she would be calling me one day, so when I saw they had set a date.. well, I guess wishful thinking got the best of me :0) Sure enough she did call and I am beyond thrilled and honored to be there for their big day! Brittany and Kenny are fellow CNU grads, and even though I’ve known Brittany since the beginning of our freshman year, I just met Kenny for the first time at their engagement session! They are truly the perfect fit; they bring out the best in each other and it made me happy just to be around them :0)

Since Kenny plays for the baltimore orioles, our window of opportunity to do their engagement session was pretty limited. The weather forecast for this past Monday was looking pretty stinky all week, but thankfully by Sunday it started looking up a little! It seemed we were going to have a great early afternoon for the session before it started raining all evening. Of course as I’m halfway to richmond, car issues left me sitting waiting for AAA to come rescue me. Perfect timing, right? Didn’t AAA know they needed to hurry up because I had awesome clients waiting and we NEEDED to beat the rain?!? By the time I got to Richmond I felt so terrible I was late, but all I saw were two smiling, excited faces happy to see me. AND they made me cookies. Best clients ever? HECK YES! :0)

So remember that rain we were trying to outrun? As soon as we got to the farm where they are getting married it started down pouring. DOWN. POURING. We barely had enough time to grab our stuff and run into the barn before getting soaked. We hung out in the barn and took some pictures, just praying this storm would keep moving and blow through. We waited about thirty minutes, and eventually it started easing up some.. and, well.. see for yourself what kind of afternoon it turned in to! :0)

look at her smiling despite the crazy rain that was happening two feet away from her :0) img_9086-copybeautiful!! img_9180-copywhile the rain may  have made everything pretty wet and muddy, it also made everything SO green and colorful!! :0) img_9213-copyi have so, SO many favorites from their session, but I love how fun and playful this next series with the swing are :0) img_9237-copyimg_9246-copyimg_9307-copyimg_9326-copyimg_9336-copyThey’re getting married in October at the most GORGEOUS farm! Its going to be amazing with the fall colors everywhere! We tried to venture into this guys field for a few pictures, but he literally would not leave us alone! I’ve never seen a horse follow people around like this one did! So, we improvised a few pictures and then moved on to a different field ;0) img_9388-copyBrittany was not quite as comfortable around the horses as Kenny was.. anyone guess what this picture reminds me of/why i like it so much? ;0) img_9399-copyimg_9450-copyat this point we were having to find shade to dodge the blinding SUN! img_9480-copylove it! img_9502-copyI couldn’t pick just one of these either, so sue me ;0) img_9595bw-copyimg_9537-copyimg_9562bw-copyimg_9667-copyimg_9693-copyimg_9711-copyimg_9762-copyimg_9782-copyimg_9862-copyrain?! what rain?!? HA! :0) I promise you it was pouring just 45 minutes earlier.. you don’t believe me now, do you? :0) img_9932-copycheck out that bling! img_9983-copy1img_9993-copyKenny and Brittany, thanks again for being so awesome. People like you are why I LOVE this job of mine :0) You’re the best, and I can’t WAIT to see everything come together in October for the wedding, I’m excited already!!

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  2. Karen Frady says:

    These pictures are awesome. Saw the preview on facebook of the wedding shot. It is just beautiful!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Where is this shot at in Richmond? I would love to be able to go there in the Fall!! Thank yoU!

  4. Kenny's Mom says:

    I agree with Jake, Kenny is beautiful!! hahah You two are an awsome couple. I will be purchasing all of them. Love You both!

  5. Ashley says:

    Britt yall look fantastic in your pics!! Congrats, Im soo excited. My favs are the ones on the blanket!

  6. Kegan Marie says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOOT! They are just such a beautiful couple! I love the country look… so simple and sweet! WOW! Great job!

  7. Nicole says:

    I can’t stop looking at these. Seriously.

  8. Joanne says:

    Awesome!!! I started jotting down the images that I liked best but ran out of room on the paper. They are fabulous. Can’t wait for the wedding pictures.

  9. Harm says:

    Love the pictures – so candid and casual. Can’t wait for the wedding, I know it will be really exciting. Brit, your dad would be so happy for you and so proud – Kenny, keep up the good work, looking good my man. Your favorite Uncle…

  10. Jenni Walsh says:

    AWH!!!!!! All of these pictures are too cute. My absolute favorite though is the one of you two kissing out in the field– so adorable! But I love them all!

  11. Sue Desmond says:

    These pictures are awesome. Great photos, love the venue and the one of the baseball with the engagement ring. Wish you happiness and love always.

  12. Dave says:

    Very nice

  13. Pam Fisher says:

    WOW! Every picture is amazing. Jessie, I don’t know you but you have a real gift. You captured the love that Britt and Kenny share. They are so beautiful. Brittany has done NOTHING but talk about these pictures! Great, great job!

  14. Jake says:

    Wow Kenny looks stunning… I never noticed how beautiful he was before now… You are a lucky girl Britt! Can’t wait till the big day!

  15. evelyn says:

    these are beautiful!!!!! i’m so happy brittany is engaged and looks so happy! i loved the picture in the filed with the beautiful blue sky. i also loved every last stinkin one of them! great job jess!

  16. Michelle Hankins says:

    Great pictures!! Love them all! Can’t wait for the big day, hope to see you before then too!

  17. Annette McNally says:

    Rain??? No matter what- Brit has a smile that can bring sunshine no matter how dark it may be. She always has! I have never seen such beautiful pix that captured such beautiful love.I am so ahppy for you both. God Bless you on this journey.
    With much love Annette McNally

  18. What a gorgeous photo session! So many to choose from, but I love the ones on the swing and with the flowers :)

  19. Jenna says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVEEE every single picture. You guys look amazing! Well done Jessie! Can’t wait for the wedding pictures!!!

  20. Beverly says:

    Im not being bias because I know Brit, but I think this engagement is my favorite that you have done! Brit, you are gorgeous and your love for Kenny is shown through these photos! Nicely done, Jessie! I cant wait to see the wedding pictures!! :)

  21. Jennifer says:

    Your pictures are amazing. My favorite is the close-up b/w one when the 2 of you are looking at each smiling. BEAUTIFUL!

  22. Mary Pyrzynski says:

    These pictures are wonderful! Kenny and Brittany are so perfect together and you captured that in a way that shows through each image.

  23. Pat says:

    I love the pictures – what an adorable couple… can you imagine how adorable and photogenic their entire family must be? LOL. I can’t wait to see which picture they decide on – they are all incredibly good!

  24. Pam Marchetti says:

    These are gorgeous! I particularly love the black & white…so classic! What a good looking couple!

  25. Mom Mo says:

    These are SO awesome!

  26. Alison says:

    Amazing pictures! I love them!!

  27. Garnett says:

    These are gorgeous! :)

  28. Tricia says:

    Awesome – pictures!!!! I love the field pictures, it’s absolutely breathetaking!

  29. Lynsey says:

    Beautiful! You can’t even see signs of the bad weather. I knew B would settle for nothing less :)

  30. Emily Cooper says:

    Oh my gosh, you two look great and are absolutely gorgeous. I love them all! They capture you perfectly! You did a great job Jessie! And looks like you had perfect timing…the skies opened for you! I just love them and can’t stop smiling! Your wedding is going to be great, and I cant wait!! :) love love! xoxo

  31. Laurie says:

    These pictures are perfect! You did such a great job of capturing the awesome personalities of Brittany and Kenny. Can not WAIT to see how you capture the big day!

  32. I am loving your pictures this season-too hard to pick a favorite. Awesome session:-)

  33. Sarah says:

    Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple! The field of yellow flowers pictures is unreal! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to seeing the rest!

  34. Allison says:

    These are so beautiful. I love them all :)

  35. Amy says:

    When Brit first showed me your website, I was BLOWN AWAY. You are one talented girl! I know you have made Brit so happy because she has been talking about these pictures non-stop FOREVER! You did an amazing amazing job Jessica!

  36. Emily says:

    Absolutely stunning! You captured them so perfectly. There isn’t one, that I don’t love. Yay for such a photogenic couple too. This makes me want to do our next session soooo badly!

  37. Lora Ayers says:

    These are great, I love the swing…and the yellow flowers in the field! The design of your blog looks great too! :)

  38. Nicole says:

    One best friend taking another best friend’s engagement pictures :) you just made me tear up at my desk, they’re BEAUTIFUL, Jess. Absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. xo.

  39. Katherine says:

    I am seriously falling in love with your style! LOVE it! :) :)

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