the wedding chicks

One of my favorite (and definitely most distracting!) parts of this job is checking blogs. wedding blogs, photographers blogs, planning blogs, friends blogs.. there are millions of them out there! I think these days a newly engaged girl could get overwhelmed looking at all the photo goodness that can be found on planning blogs! They serve as a great source of inspiration for me, and a cool way to connect with other people in this awesome industry! One of my absolute favorite blogs for a while now as been the Wedding Chicks. These ladies know where to find all the BEST of the best when it comes to weddings and show it off in such a unique way. They post more on their blog than any other I’ve seen, which means I can check back at least once an hour and find a good new source of distraction ;0) I’m beyond thrilled to be one of their vendors they show off on their website! They have a really sweet feature called “Real Weddings” where their vendors can log in and post a couple preview pictures from their recent sessions, so of course I took advantage of the opportunity to show off Kenny and Brittany’s engagement pictures again :0) I think the pictures look even better on their blog.. don’t you? ;0)
screen-shot-2010-05-05-at-83448-pmYou can click HERE to see that post in Real Weddings, HERE to go to the Wedding Chick’s home page, and HERE to see more of Brittany and Kenny’s pictures incase you missed them last week :0)

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  1. Brittany says:

    Wow! We are so lucky and not to mention absolutely blessed!! :)

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