a million kisses

something i’ve always admired about little kids is how freely they love. you could have just met them a few minutes ago, and already they’re climbing up on your lap, dishing out hugs, and grabbing you by the hand to take you to see their favorite toy. i don’t get to see my godkids NEARLY enough, not by a long shot, but every time I do they steal my heart the moment i see them. they are some of t he sweetest, huggiest kids i’ve ever met and they’re always wanting just oooooone more kiss, which I am more than happy to give. you can tell that physical touch is one of their love languages, and lets face it they only want to crawl up on your lap and cuddle for so long, so for this next week that I’m with them I plan to take full advantage of every moment with them I can. This week I will be in Alabama with Bobby, Riley Lane, and their brand new baby brother Tanner playing transformers, princesses, and everything in between! So please forgive me if I’m a little slow to email back this week, as I will be busy covering my sweet godkids with a million kisses, and then some. img_3909img_3906img_3896Can’t wait to see how much they’ve grown and introduce you all to Tanner! :0) I’ve got some fun blog posts scheduled to come up this week, so keep checking back for a couple new posts while I’m gone! Have a great week! :0)

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  1. evelyn says:

    holy moly they have grown!!!!! have fun!

  2. Kristin Sawyer says:

    You look soo happy in the picture Jessie!! Those kids are soooooo adorable!!!! :o)

  3. Ant Lis says:

    Take lots of pictures and have fun with the most beautiful wonderful kids in the world…my grandchildren! Love you!

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