Lee and Lauren are expecting! – Richmond VA Maternity Photographer

If you’ve ever asked me how I got started in this crazy/beautiful business you’ve heard about Lauren and Lee. I had the privilege of singing at their wedding back in February of 2007, which was when I first started considering my favorite hobby of photography into a potential career. Their wedding was the first one where I walked around the reception and thought, “okay, if I was the photographer right now where would I be?” I didn’t know much about how to work my camera, or how much pressure went into being the main photographer at someone’s wedding, all I knew was that I loved seeing my friends so joyful and being able to catch that emotion with my camera. When Lauren asked if she could have copies of these, I thought it might be time to start marketing myself on a small basis and see if anything would come from it! These were some of the first wedding pictures I EVER showed potential clients.. my how times have changed, huh? :0) n31800280_30666387_587-copyWell these days Lauren and Lee are about to come a family of 3! Olivia Grace is due in August and I’m so excited that I get to photograph her first year! I will never forget at their wedding rehearsal dinner Lauren’s mom making a toast and saying how much she adored Lee and the time they’ve gotten to spend with him throughout the years on family vacations and such, and how she can’t wait for many more family vacations in the future with lots of BABIES!!! :0) No pressure, right? ;0) Lauren’s mom graciously opened up her beautiful farm in Richmond for us to use for their maternity session! It was quite an eventful evening to say the LEAST, but more on that later.. :0) img_7644img_7685img_7689Talk about AMAZING evening light! It was perfect… until the horse decided to come push them out of the way so he could stand directly in their spot.. guess he wanted his picture taken too :0) Lauren moved him right along so we could take a few more here; definitely a favorite from the evening! img_7696img_7728I was laughing the whole time that it always seemed one of the animals managed to sneak into their picture.. whether it was their dog (Bear), the cat, the horse, the cow, or the two sheep! So I decided to just go with it, and this turned out to be another one of my favorites :0) img_7771img_7836Right about this time we heard Bear start screaming on the other side of the field.. and I mean SCREAMING in pain. So Lauren and Lee both take off running only to find their sweet pup tangled up in the electric fence! He had his mouth clamped down on it and couldn’t unclench his jaw :0( After some quick thinking (and a few not so minor shocks) they get him out of it, and he comes running across towards me, seemingly unharmed considering the situation. I don’t know about you other photographers, but this is definitely the first time I’ve had a couple get electrocuted during a session! Much less a maternity session! Lauren called the doctor and he assured her that Olivia was well insulated and would be just fine, so after she assured me a bunch of times that she didn’t want to reschedule the rest of their session, we kept on going! Needless to say, Bear did not stray far from them the rest of the evening :0)img_7895img_7858img_7901img_7906img_7951Almost all of my couples request for me to bring these blocks to their session! :) img_7986img_8015bimg_8088img_8113img_8167I loved the little bird house! img_8194What you can’t see in this picture are the dog and cat chasing each other around her feet :0) img_8226When Lee first asked “So, do you ever do a picture of both of us sticking out our bellies?” I said, “I never have before, but we can certainly do it now!’ aaand this may be one of my favorite pictures ever ;0) haha you guys are awesome! img_8260img_8273img_8387img_8491img_8511img_8563Hopefully this will be our most adventurous session of the year! Can’t wait to see you both again soon and meet Olivia! :0)

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  1. Momma says:

    Great shots! A fantastic way to chronicle your lives. I’m so glad you do these photo-shoots. Don’t ever stop.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE these pictures! You two look like you were having the time of your life out there! And I love the animals in the background, and Bear close by, he is the ‘first born’. Can’t wait to meet baby Olivia!

  3. Clara Hardy says:

    Wow, those are some great shots! Good work Jessie!

  4. Doug Robertson says:

    These are some very beautiful photos. You have a good eye for the backgrounds too.

  5. Lauren "Mama" says:

    Oh, Jessie, Once again you are extremely blessed and talented! We are so thankful for you and for Miss Olivia. You can’t tell at all the crises we expereienced during this shoot! Everything turned out wonderfully… YOURE THE BEST!

  6. evelyn says:

    I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lauren and lee look sooo good and the place was awesome, and you captured everything soooooo beautifuly! love it and love you!

  7. Anne Taylor says:

    …aaaaand officially my favorite maternity session. nuf said.

  8. Beverly says:

    Job well done, Jessie! I know you love taking pictures of the pepople you adore! You truly brought out their joy in these photos! Love them! Lauren and Lee you guys look so happy and beautiful/handsome! Cant wait to see photos of Miss Olivia :)

  9. Sharon Buchanan says:

    Great pictures!

  10. Laurie Boswell says:

    Wonderful Pictures!! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed them!:)

  11. Tom Price (Grandpa) says:

    Jessie – you did a great job capturing Lauren and Lee’s personalities. I know Olivia will enjoy these in a few years. Thanks.

  12. jj.verhine says:

    love the shots jessica! you’ve captured them wonderfully.

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