the flower girl wanna-be

Lauren has always had ‘happily ever after’ in the forefront of her mind. That’s just how her sweet six year old heart has always worked; wanting the fairly tale ending for herself and everyone around her. From the time she was three years old she would curl up on the couch next to me after her nap and just sit and watch me edit wedding pictures. As excited as she is to wear her own princess wedding dress one day, she’s finally realized that there’s a fancy dress in store for her even sooner. I’ve been telling her for years that whenever I get married she would be my flower girl along with my goddaughter Riley, and that Sammy and my godson Bobby would be the ring bearers. She’s already taking her job as future flower girl VERY seriously and has apparently forgotten how just a few short months ago she was so concerned that I would never be a “real adult”.. now she’s in full practice mode! When I pulled up outside their house the other day she was outside walking up and down their front walkway with a fistful of flower petals singing “here comes the briiiiiiide!! all dressed in whiiiiiite!!” over and over again scattering her petals very delicately and then picking each one up and starting her walk all over again. Is that dedication to the job or what?! I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures really quick so I would always remember this moment and how badly she is dying to be a flower girl :0)

img_2418and what about Sam, you ask? Is he just as excited to be a ring bearer? well lets just say the song he was singing was not about a bride, but about using the hose to wash away a pile of dirt he had assembled ;0) no cameras were harmed in the making of this next picture:img_2415Eventually Lauren convinced him that she needed to practice WITH him, and as long as he could bring his hose with him, he was more than happy to play along :0) img_2420Sorry to all other applicants, but the positions of flower girl and ring bearer have been FILLED! :0) Happy Monday!

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