Olivia Grace: 3 Months- Fredericksburg VA Baby Photographer

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a very happy (and safe) Halloween and had some cute trick-or-treaters show up at your door! I’m sure seeing this little ladybug would have put a HUGE smile on your face ;0) img_2407Moving right along with baby Olivia’s first year, this little girl has gotten SO much bigger since her newborn session! seriously, so crazy how fast they change! i feel like i say that about every session, but its so true especially from newborn to three months! They are so interactive at this age and super smiley which i love :0) Lauren wanted to get a few of miss Livi in her first halloween costume, and i was more than happy to oblige! you only get a year or two to have total control over what they are for halloween, so i’m all about putting them in something like this while you can ;0) img_2459LOVE IT! img_2491Then we headed over to the local pumpkin patch, and of course Livi fell asleep on the way over! peeeerfect timing, of course :0) thankfully Olivia was a trooper and tried really hard to stay away for us, or maybe Lauren and Lee just tried reeeeally hard to KEEP her awake ;0) img_2637they had this HUGE amazing field of sunflowers that I could have stayed in all day long!img_2669img_2707img_2714So Olivia and Addison are already BFF just like their parents, and we’ve been trying to find a time to get a couple of pictures of the girls together! i can’t WAIT to see one of these pictures end up in their senior yearbook ;0) i think its so fun that they will have pictures of the girls together from the time they were born! img_2846img_2974i seriously couldn’t get enough of those sunflowers! i could shoot every session in that field and be a happy girl :0) img_3047img_3072img_3152absolutely love this one :0) poor baby just wanted to sleep! img_3172the farm had these two baby cows just roaming around and we were determined to get a shot of Olivia with them.. weeeell this was about as good as it gets when the baby is asleep ;0) are they cute though?! img_3200she was passed OUT! the kind of sleep where you can move her around and do pretty much whatever you want to her, and she will STILL stay asleep! this little pose was too funny to pass up though: img_3222img_3231well good morning, sunshine! :0) i dunno about you, but this looks like a christmas card to me! ;0) img_3365bimg_3366we wanted to get one of the 6 of them at the end, and poor Addie had had enough of the pictures! img_3385so apparently this is Chad’s solution ;0) hey at least we just have smiling faces in the picture! img_3394and of course by the time we got back to their house Livi was alllll smiles :0) so i grabbed one more on my way out! img_3483
See you again soon! Happy Monday! :0)

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  1. Jen says:


  2. Lauren "Mama" says:

    Jessie… These are sweet! I love the one with Livi sleeping on Lee and I am glad that we got one with her all smiles! Thanks for putting up with the crazy mahem!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    So cute!! Love the ladybug and the babe asleep on her daddy. And what a cute smile she has!

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