The Jackson Family- Northern Virginia Children’s Photographer

tis the season for family pictures! Dorianne was smart and called me quite a while ago since she knew she wanted a time slot for their family pictures when the fall leaves would be in their peak of the season! We were a little concerned the weather would force us to reschedule, so we decided to shoot earlier in the day to avoid the rain later and it worked out perfectly! Sometimes when I’m photographing little kids I look at it as more of a play date, I want to be able to play and interact with the kids and have them see me as a new friend, not just someone who is trying to get them to sit still to smile at the camera. Dennis and Brooke were so fun to be around as we walked around Frying Pan Park checking out all the animals, going on a hayride, and exploring the property. Enjoy lots of my favorites! :0)

Meet Dennis: img_8452and sweet Brooke: img_8589img_8659these next 4 right here? I could look at them all day! Moments like this are exactly why i love photographing families! I couldn’t pick just one to share, so you get all 4 :0) img_8668img_8684doesn’t Dennis look totally thrilled to be getting a kiss from his baby sister? ;0) img_8764img_8919LOVE her little pig tails! img_8942img_9013sometimes reverse psychology is a photographers best friend… “DON”T you look at me and smile with all that cheese!” ;0) img_9047img_9064img_9414img_9446img_9583another favorite: img_9644apparently the best way to get the kids in the picture is to tell them i only want to take a picture of mom and dad alone ;0) img_9707love these next two of Brooke with her daddy: img_9737img_9984cute, cute, CUTE! img_9985I initiated this leaf throwing game and Brooke was so sweet with it! She would grab this little handful of leaves, but instead of throwing them she would walk right up and place them on you :0) img_9986img_9987love this one of them! :0) img_9988one last sweet mommy moment walking back to the car: img_9989So great to meet you all, hope to see you again soon! :0)

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  1. Beverly says:

    such a cute family!!!

  2. Katherine says:

    hi! LOVE this shoot! Great work capturing the special moments :)

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