Meet Sydney- Oakton VA Baby Photographer

Aside from newborn and 1 year, the other age that I always tell parents they have to photograph their kids at is 6 months! That time right when they are comfortable sitting up on their own, but before they can start crawling away from you ;0) It is one of my most favorite ages to photograph, and you will see why with miss Sydney! She is so expressive and full of personality! She’s such a content and happy baby and was SO easy to photograph! Hopefully I’ll get to see her again in another 6 months! :0)

She warmed RIGHT up to the camera and was so curious about it! I love when they try to lean in close like this because they see their reflection! :0)
img_5319img_5328img_5355these next two crack me up.. apparently Sydney has her own way of giving mama kisses ;0)
img_5431img_5449i loved that whenever she got really excited she’d stick her little tongue out ;0) img_5564img_5572Beth had LOTS of sweet props to incorporate including lots of old family handmade stuffed animals.. like these two adorable hippos! img_5630img_5683oh my heavens i love everything about this next one :0) SO stinkin cute!! img_5726img_5736img_5747img_5752img_5789img_5931Beth has a picture of her at 6 months like this on this same blanket, so she wanted to get one of Sydney too: img_5975i told her they should submit this picture one day with her application, proof that she’s been a fan from the beginning ;0) img_6051img_6349Sydney also had her daddy’s teddy bear from when he was little, by the look of it, it was well loved: img_6398Happy Thursday! :0)

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  1. Chuck says:

    Thats my Lovie =D

  2. Beth says:

    Sydney loved you, Jessie! Thank you for taking so many great photos of my Sydney Pie. She was discovering her tongue that day, and it shows. :) Of course, as only a mama can say, I find these photos completely capture Sydney Paige Cooper’s laid back and inquisitive personality, and I could stare at them all day long. Soon my family will too – they have no clue that we took these and will love the little photo books and frames we’ve prepared when they unwrap their Christmas gifts this year. xoxo to you, and thank you again! We hope to see you soon for another round. Happy Holidays!

  3. Melissa says:

    OH My…what a cutie. My favorites are the ones of Sydney giving her Mama kisses. Those are priceless.

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