Marty and Tim- DC Wedding Photographer

They sat at my kitchen table and we got to know each other over chicken noodle soup and chocolate chip cookies. It was just 6 days before their wedding when I finally was able to sit down and formally meet Marty and Tim and I could sense their excitement from the moment I opened the door. They told me their story, and I got so excited that their wedding was just 6 days away! So often when I meet with a couple it will be months, or sometimes a full year, before I get to see them again. But hearing all about their relationship right before I got to document their day made me that much more excited to capture it, to put names with faces of family members that I had just heard all about, and celebrate the fact that these two people who love each other so deeply were finally tying the knot! Marty and Tim, thank you for sharing your lives with me and your friendship! Hope you ended up finding lots of pretty scenery, good coffee shops, and tons of pasta in Italy  :0)

Marty was ready to go the moment I walked in the door and had all her gorgeous details ready to go! They arranged the flowers themselves! Aren’t they beautiful? img_6817img_6894
img_7192holy moly, Marty, you are SUCH a stunning bride!! img_7203img_7229img_7273img_7292as Marty’s sister in law was trying to pin the inside of her dress, her niece got such a kick out of the “mountain” under her dress ;0)  img_7325Tim and Marty opted for a first look so we could take their portraits while there was still natural light outside, and as always I love when a couple choses to see each other before the ceremony!! I love how excited they were to see each other for the first time :0) These next few shots are my favorites from the day: img_7567img_7646img_7661img_7679my favorite:
img_7685img_7786img_7818img_7848img_7886img_8057love this shot of their wedding party: img_8573Their flower girl had me laughing ALL day! The first time she walked in the room they asked her how her uncle Tim looked and she simply replies, “He’s STYLIN!” :0) Now here she is waving to her adoring fans as she walks down the aisle: img_8752
img_8766img_8872Marty did all the centerpieces herself and I thought they turned out so great! img_9449love this from their first dance:img_9640img_9852potentially one of my all time favorite daddy/daughter dance shots:img_0097
one last favorite shot to end with:img_9854Hope you had a WONDERFUL time in Italy!! Here’s your slideshow :0)

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  1. Mark Clatterbuck says:

    Father of the Bride-Great photos Jessie! Thanks to everyone who made this the most fun and exciting wedding I’ve ever been to. Everything was simply perfect!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    such a cute couple and I think her shoes are the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever seen.

  3. John says:

    These really seem to embody the way that Timmy and Marty’s relationship has been described by so many…fun. Very nice work. (brother of the groom)

  4. Marty says:

    THANK YOU JESSIE!! I love them!!! You’re the best :)

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