Introducing LuxeLucy!

I am so excited to introduce you to LuxeLucy belts! I had the opportunity to work with designer Carolyn Stone to show off her gorgeous new line of belts and I have been dying to share these pictures with you. They come in all different sizes and colors, and can be paired with literally any outfit to instantly dress it up and create a totally new look! Anything from a white shirt and jeans to clothes for the office, these belts are that perfect accessory that completes your outfit. I really can’t say enough about them! They come in such a wide variety that there’s something for everyone. Check ’em out! and make sure you scroll all the way down to the bottom to find out how you can get your own, and WIN ONE FOR FREE! :0) img_0625I have had the hardest time narrowing down pictures for this blog post, Carolyn’s sister in law modeled for us and she literally looks amazing in every. single. picture! :0)
img_0735img_0744Even just adding a belt to a white shirt and jeans can totally transform the look! img_0829img_0840img_0881img_0944I’m pretty sure every girl out there has an outfit just like this one, all thats missing is the belt! :0) img_0950img_0978img_1031img_1148img_1200img_1212img_1246img_1285img_1341img_1357img_1427img_1481img_1515img_1530img_1734img_1766img_1835img_1995Carolyn has so graciously agreed to let me give one away to one of my fabulous blog readers! All you have to do to enter to win the belt of your choice is to “like” LuxeLucy on facebook and leave a little comment on the wall saying that I sent you and you’re entered to win! Thats all it takes! You have one week to enter and we’ll pick the winner next week! What if you absolutely just canNOT wait until then to order your own? You can go to this site here and order whatever you’d like! They make great last minute christmas gifts :0) What if you KNOW your friend/mom/sister/daughter would LOVE one of these belts, but have no idea which one?? They also have gift certificates available in time for the holidays, so please contact for more information on how to get one of those! Get ready, part 2 coming tomorrow is even BETTER! :0)

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