The Lens Loves

I am so excited to share with you one of my new favorite blogs, The Lens Loves! There are SO many great planning blogs and resources out there if you’re planning a wedding, but what about if you need a little inspiration for your portrait session? What to wear, where to shoot, props you could include.. oh yeah, and WHAT TO WEAR?!? That is by far the most common question I get from families trying to plan for their session, understandably so!  DrewB has pulled together talented photographers from across the country that are going to be sharing some of their favorite families on the blog in the “real portraits” section of the site.  There’s also a special network called the “Love Line” for families with special circumstances to connect with photographers willing to help them out. I’ve been sending all my clients to her Mom*Tog website since she launched that, and I’m so excited to be able to share The Lens Loves with them now too! Check it out! :0)

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