Justin and Linda- Middleburg VA Wedding Photographer

Typically when I arrive the day of the wedding there are a million different emotions flying around the room. Excitement, nervousness, and everything in between contribute to the butterflies pounding in their stomachs. Not with Justin and Linda. There were no nerves anywhere to be found, purely joy and excitement. They were steady as a rock, and they couldn’t wait to become husband and wife.

I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet Justin before the wedding, but after one conversation with Linda I knew she and I would be friends. We talked about wedding day timeline, how she and Justin fell in love, and bonded over our love of Disney. Linda was able to live and work there for a while and you can tell it holds a very special place in her heart. She and Justin got engaged at one of the disney resorts, and they incorporated so many fun magical touches into their wedding day! You know its going to be a good evening when the first song at the reception is “Be Our Guest!” from Beauty at the Beast ;0) The entire day from start to finish reflected Justin and Linda’s personalities so perfectly, and I was so honored to be the one to document their day! Hope you both had a fabulous time in Hawaii! Congratulations again!

I adored Linda’s dress, and Cynthia over at Design in Bloom did a FABULOUS job with the florals! Meanwhile, the guys kept occupied with cards and sour patch kids :0)I’m fairly confident that every bride hopes that her groom looks at her this way as she’s walking down the aisle :0) love this moment during the ceremony :0)I don’t know what it is about this quick moment that I love so much, but I keep coming back to it over and over again, so I figured I’d share it with you and see if anyone else can pin point it :0)married!Linda had orchestrated quite the surprise for Justin! One of this favorite things in this world is his old ford truck that unfortunately  had to sell a while back. So Linda worked it out so that they could borrow the truck just for their wedding day as their get away car! Not that they could go very far considering the truck doesn’t go in reverse, but the look on Justin’s face when he walked outside and saw his favorite truck waiting for him is one of my favorites of the day: so of course we had to incorporate it in their portraits! this one is my favorite of all their portraits: but this one comes in a close second!who needs a cake when you could have doughnuts! and those pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing is probably the best thing I’ve ever tasted ;0) Most of the time when couples opt for a choreographed first dance you can watch their focus and how they’re counting their steps and they don’t seem to really enjoy it, but not Justin and Linda. Their first dance was to “So This is Love” and you can tell they enjoyed every minute of it :0) a little photo booth fun: Here’s your slideshow, set to one of my favorite songs just for you ;0)

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  1. Jen says:

    Oh my soul, their wedding looks like so much fun! I *adore* her dress, and to have your groom’s eyes fill up as you walk down the aisle to become his wife must be such an amazing feeling! Great job capturing the emotions, Jessie!

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