I remember getting my very first inquiry for a 2011 wedding back in June of 2009 and thinking “no WAY! who knows what will be happening then, thats SO far away!” Well, here it is, ready or not! I think its safe to say that 2010 flew by faster than any other year for me, and I’m so thankful to these beautiful faces for filling the year with so much love and joy. To get to share someone’s wedding day with them is such a privilege, and lord knows there are thousands of photographers out there you could chose to be with you. I’m so thankful that you chose to invite me into your lives and relationships and trust me to capture you as you are; unbelievably beautiful and head-over-heels in love.

As I sorted through everything that happened in 2010, I found enough images that I love to last all week, so this is just the first of 4 posts featuring what i consider the best of 2010. The images that bring a smile to my face, define my style, and make me LOVE what I get the pleasure to do every day.

Stay tuned for LOTS of fun pictures the rest of this week! Happy Monday and happy 2011! :0)

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  1. Kristin says:

    What good looking couples! :)

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