Kayley: 9 months- Hampton Roads Baby Photographer

Doesn’t it seem like just the other day that Kayley and her family were on the blog for her 6 month pictures? I always feel like the time in between each session flies by, but this time moreso than any other! I always look forward to my time with their family and seeing what adorable outfits Amanda has picked out Kayley.. I think its safe to say that Kayley has way more clothes than i do! :0) She’s at such a fun age; crawling everywhere and finally able to chase her big brother around! Its so sweet to see her and Bradley sit and play together, she could watch him all day. She always wanted to know where he was, what he was doing, what toys he had… I think he’s gonna be in trouble when she can actually keep up with him! ;0) I canNOT believe that next time I see Kayley she will be 1! but for now, you can ooooooh and awwwww at how cute she is at 9 months :0)

Bradley is really into Toy Story right now so he brought along Buzz and Woody to the session, but I guess he thought Woody’s hat looked better on Kayley because he tried to get it to stay on her head for quite a while! apparently toys are WAY more interesting than taking pictures ;0) Amanda picked out this little dress specifically to go with her grandmothers red pearls.. i always love it when we can include some personal family items in the session :0)
love her little scrunchy  nose smile :0) is there anything phenomenal about this image? not really, but I absolutely LOVE how Kayley is so fascinated on that piece of candy in Bradley’s hand ;0) cute, cute, CUTE!this image is so hilarious to me.. Kayley was sitting there laughing with her mama when she was sneak attacked from behind! ;0) big brothers, you gotta watch out for them! i love it when babies see themselves in the lens and reach for the camera :0) pretty baby :0) this is the same little pettiskirt she wore in her newborn pictures too! at that point miss Kayley made it clear she had had enough as she calmly decided to crawl right over to her daddy and climb up in his lap :0) I was still able to get a few more smiles out of her though ;0) 

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  1. Angela Berry says:

    I just now seen my beautiful grandchildren and hansome son and
    of couse my beautiful daughter in law!!! I love all the pictures.
    Can’t wait to see them in person again.My baby girl loved chewing on those beads and look at all those teeth.Love all the outfits how adorable!!! Love mom and c.d.

  2. Heidi says:

    Yahoo! I’ve been waiting to see these. Absolutely adorable!! I love the one with the red beads. What a great face. Nice work, Jessie!

  3. Chrystal Rogers says:

    She is too precious!!!! I can’t believe how much she looks like Bradley. You have a beautiful family!

  4. Tammy Turner says:

    All of the kids are so CUTE! I always tell Matthew he is my favorite…..although miss Kayley is precious in that yellow. Besides Red, yellow his her great-mammy’s favorite color. She would love that picture. Love you all, Tammy

  5. Karen Privette says:

    I love the pick in the jean jacket! But really they are all so adorable, I could just smash her and eat her up she is soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!! Bradley is a doll and Matthew is so cute and growing up.. You have a beautiful family Amanda and Anthony.. Love you guys xxoo

  6. kathy mcrath says:

    The pictures are beautiful!!!! Kayley is a little doll. I think her color is yellow. All the pictures were great. The boys look great too! What a precious family!!!

  7. Jen says:

    Precious! I absolutely LOVE the one with the red necklace in her mouth!

  8. Jess these are adorable!!!!!!!!

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