On Display- Canvas Clusters

Ever since I started offering them they have been one of the most popular products my clients will order! After you see your pictures, you can never pick just one to make into a canvas, so clusters are a great option! I offer 9 prearranged clusters that are meant to fit together (of course i’ve also had people break them up around their house too!) and the best part? They’re priced 20% off all the time! Email me if you’re interested in more information on canvas clusters, and thanks so much to Tina and Chad for being the first of many “on display” posts! She sent me these images of the canvas cluster they ordered, and they decided to mix it up and order a few from their wedding, and a couple of their favorite images from the engagement session too! Thanks Tina, you’re the best! :0)
The larger one in the middle is a 20×24, and the four squares on the outside are all 11.5×11.5, with the overall arrangement being 45×24: 

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