Olivia Grace: 6 Months- Fredericksburg VA Baby Photographer

Get ready, friends.. i’ve got a good one for you today ;0)

Most of the time when suggest to my portrait clients that we do the session in their home the result is typically one of two feelings: 1) my home isn’t pretty/photogenic enough to do the session here.. OR 2) that means i have to CLEAN! well i can promise you, neither of those is true! i absolutely love being able to capture a family in their home, because that is where they are a FAMILY. that is where they sit on the floor and make faces at their baby, where they cuddle with the baby on their bed in the morning before starting their day, and where they are comfortable. its not about fancy furniture or art on the walls, or even clean floors.. its about capturing your family as you really are so that in 10 years when life looks completely different, you remember those moments just the three of you and how precious they were.

This is probably one of my all time sessions, because for most of these pictures I feel like I could have just been a fly on the wall capturing Lauren and Lee as they played with Olivia. She is at such a fun age, and will grow so quickly, so I love that they have pictures of what their life looked like when Olivia was 6 months :0)  My favorite shots from this session are the ones of just the three of them, no props, no fancy lighting… just lots of cute baby smiles, laughs, and cuddle time with mom and dad. These are the moments that I get excited thinking about for my own family one day, just spending time at home with my husband making my sweet baby laugh, because I’m convinced there is no better sound in the entire world :0) i love how all three of them are making the exact same face ;0) we were commenting on how strange it would look if adults arms only came to the top of their head too ;0) definitely a favorite:
i don’t know if my favorite part of this picture is Olivia laughing hysterically, her parents cracking up at how hard she was laughing, or the long string of drool apparently going from her mouth to my camera ;0) if it were me, i’d make this a big canvas above my bed.. just sayin ;0) look at that little dimple! another favorite for sure :0) okay fine, they’re all favorites.. i can’t help it :0) love how she is peeking at her daddy in this next one: this one reminds me of one of my favorite pictures I got during Olivia’s newborn pictures: thanks again for inviting me into your home to document your family, can’t wait to see you guys again in 3 months! :0)

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  2. Nicolette says:

    You did such a great job Jessie- they are such lovely people! Love them and their little girl!

  3. Lauren says:

    Oh my goodness! SOOOO beautiful! You are such a talented wonderful and patient lady! Have fun this weekend!

  4. Jen says:

    How adorable! Love them all!

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