“aunt jessie”

There are specific roles I have in my life I cherish the most: child of God, daughter, friend, sister, young life leader, confidant for Lauren and Sam and their family, worship team leader, photographer for some of my all time favorite people… and Aunt Jessie. Last time I visited my cousin Laura and her beautiful kids, Bobby officially started calling me “Aunt Jessie” instead of just Jessie (even though I’m not technically his aunt) and it stuck.   Although I get to see Lauren and Sam on a much more regular basis its a completely different, and yet just as deep kind of love that I have towards these three. To be called someones godmother is something I’m so thankful for, especially when I get to claim little guys as amazing as Bobby, Riley, and Tanner as my godkids. I wish I got to see them and spoil the heck outta them more often, but I’ll take the time that I do have with them and enjoy every minute! My time with them is so precious since they now live in California, so when I’m there I have to soak up every game of princesses and pirates, every hug, and every time I hear them call me Aunt Jessie.

So for the next week I’m officially on godmother duty, so please forgive me if I’m a little slow responding to emails, and client orders will be put on hold until the 23rd :0) I’ve got a couple fun blog posts all ready to go for you this week, so keep checking back for more eye candy, and I’ll try and put up a picture or two of these beautiful kids while i’m at it! :0)

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  1. Grandma says:

    Hug everyone for me. Enjoy every minute. xoxoxo

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