FAQ: Etsy Favorites for your little girl: part 2

I’m starting to think these etsy favorites posts might end up becoming a monthly thing! I think I could come up with new favorites for little girls and weddings every day, but I have the hardest time finding cute things I like for boys.. so maybe we’ll just stick with once a month ;0) By far one of the most popular questions I get before a session is ‘what do i wear?!’ and if you’re a parent trying to coordinate multiple people for a family session, it can be tricky finding outfits that coordinate, but don’t necessarily match. Sometimes a fun accessory like a headband for your little girl can provide that perfect pop of color and personality to add a little variety to her outfit :0) So with that said, here are this month’s favorites:

1) The Duchess Elyse Flower Headband

2) Sweet White and Pink Mary Jane Booties

3) Orange and Blue Silk Headband

4) Turquoise Pink and Lime Green Detachable Layered Headband

5) Patchwork Peasant Dress

6) Vintage Beauty Sunsuit in English Rose

7) Aqua Jane Shirt and Skirt Outfit

8) Spring Lilac Rosette with Woodland Feather Accent

9) Hot Pink and Zebra Crochet Flower Hair Clip

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