never grow up

your little hands wrapped around my finger

and its so quiet in the world tonight

your little eyelids flutter cause you’re dreaming

so i tuck you in, turn on your favorite nightlight

to you, everything’s funny

you’ve got nothing to regret

i’d give all i had honey, so you could stay like that…

oh darlin’, don’t you ever grow up…

I know, I know.. its inevitable. it happens despite everyone’s best efforts. but oh man if there was a way to keep kids little I’m sure every parent at one point or another would choose to freeze time. I just got back from a week in California with my cousin Laura and my godkids Bobby, Riley, and Tanner, and I simultaneously love and hate how much they’ve changed each time I see them, since I only get to see them a couple times a year at best. They’re smart, joyful kids and I so wish I could have documented every moment of my time with them since thats the best way I remember the little things they do at this particular age. I have a video of Tanner laughing that I’ve watched pretty much on repeat since I got back, and i love that even 5 years from now i’ll have this little clip of him laughing hysterically with his little one tooth grin at 10 months old :0) His laugh is one of the best sounds in the world, and since I don’t get to hear it or see their smiling faces nearly enough, I have to make up for it when I’m there! I wanted to make a point to participate though, and not just document, which sometimes can be hard for me.. so even though I managed to get some pretty cute pictures, I’m so glad I spent the week playing instead of just being behind the camera. I got to kiss them goodnight, read books, play princesses, eat some of the best pretend ice cream i’ve ever had, and hear that sweet baby laugh all week. If anyone has any brilliant ideas on how to keep them little, I’m all ears.. but until then, here are some of my favorite pictures of these kids who are growing up WAY too fast…

crazy to see how much Bobby and Riley have changed:
the little princess: They live on a teeeeeny tiny military base in the desert part of southern california where there’s not a whole lot to do, but they do have a little stable on post where you can go feed the horses and goats.. one of Tanner’s favorite activities :0) not gonna lie, the goats still creep me out a little… and apparently i’m not the only one who thinks so!little cowboy :0)we tried so hard to go take some pictures of their whole family the last night I was there, but the weather just wasn’t cooperating :0( a little too cold and much too windy.. but i still managed to get a few cute ones :0) i was just testing my settings here, but i still LOVE this shot of Riley, she looks so old to me in this picture! I’m pretty sure this is my favorite picture I’ve EVER taken of Bobby.. love how you can see his spirit and that real smile :0) apparently the thing to do once you climb to the top is have a dance party! this one cracks me up because even though they were dancing and going crazy, somehow i still caught them both doing the exact. same. thing! same face, same movement.. hilarious! even though the poor baby was freezing, i love how you can tell how much Bobby and Riley adore their baby brother in this picture :0) but he did finally give one little smile for mommy:and oookay, one for his aunt jessie too :0) this little girl LOVES her daddy! i think he’s gonna be in BIG trouble when she’s a teenager… by this point all the kids were freezing and ready to leave, but we tried reeeeally quick to get a picture of the 5 of them, and even though they’re not looking at the camera, i still love that everyone is smiling and happy :0) wrapped SO completely around his little finger…
Tanner and their dog Sally have a love/hate relationship.. basically, he loves her, and well, she tolerates him (most of the time ;0) ) one last stop at the barn before I headed out.. stiiiiiiill pretty darn cold! c’mon weather, don’t you know its Spring?!? love this one of my Riley girl :0) thanks to Laura for catching a few pictures of me and Riley :0) did I mention yet how cold and windy it was?!? :0) love her cuddles and sweet smiles though! 

miss you guys already! love you all! :0)

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  3. Catherine Porter says:

    Jessie, these are some of my favorite portraits you’ve done! I love how goofy all the kids are being…they just look like KIDS! :) such a fun family

  4. mel avjean says:

    Oh! Thanks for sharing! These are sooo great! I love how you captured all of the expressions and joy! I hope I get to see them this summer:) Cya in Cowboy Country!

  5. Jen says:

    First: cutest little cowboy boots EVER! Second: love love love every single pic!

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