Daniel and Christine: Day After – Alexandria VA Wedding Photographer

Remember this gorgeous couple from their wedding last July? Remember how it started pouring down rain juuuust in time for their portraits?! Remember how smart they were and booked a fun ‘Day After’ session?!? ;0) I got to meet up with Daniel and Christine last week and spend the evening walking around Old Town Alexandria, and let me tell you, marriage looks GOOD on these two! I love that when I get together with Daniel and Christine we can sit and talk and laugh with each other the entire time, have I mentioned lately how much I love my job?! :0) We made predictions when we first arrived how many people would stop and congratulate them on just getting married, and I lost BIG time! I guessed 4, Daniel guessed 8, and I think we finally lost count after 20 people stopped (or shouted out their car window!) to tell Christine how gorgeous she looked, tell Daniel what a lucky man he was, and congratulate these two! Well let me add one more to that; Christine and Daniel,  congratulations to you both! ;0) I am so thankful to be your photographer, and I’m so glad to see you both loving married life :0) Hope to see you both again soon!
Christine, you have the best smile! :0) definitely a favorite: i love all the cool texture you find in a place like Old Town Alexandria! love the cherry blossoms! and i love it even more when you don’t have to drive into busy DC to find some :0) LOVE this!! I very rarely shoot in direct sunlight like this, but we passed this little tunnel coming into Old Town and they wanted to end the session here, and I’m so glad we did! This is one of my favorites :0) Recognize this not so little friend?! He made an appearance at the end of their engagement session, and Christine got him his own little bowtie so he could be in a few of their wedding pictures too :0) 
Happy Tuesday!

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