KC’s Bridal Portraits- Harpers Ferry Wedding Photographer

Ready for more of Tim and KC?! Well, you will have to wait a couple more days for more of Tim, this post is all about his gorgeous bride! I love when a bride opts to do a bridal session after the wedding! You fell in love with your wedding dress, why not put it on a few more times?! ;0) When we do the session after the wedding, the session is much more relaxing since we’re not worried as much about the dress! Since Tim and KC are moving as soon as they get back from the honeymoon, our window of opportunity to do the session was pretty limited, but I’m so glad they were able to fit it in their schedule, even if it meant us hanging out again not even 24 hours after the wedding ended! KC has such a sweet and adventurous spirit and was up for absolutely anything. These two really are such troopers since it was definite 95+ degrees outside, and here they are in their wedding dress and suit with smiles on their faces. Have I mentioned lately how wonderful my clients are?!? :0)

We did KC’s bridal session at a little historic park right by where Tim grew up in Harpers Ferry. This was my first time up there and it is SUCH a beautiful area!!
LOVE this one :0) another favorite.. KC you seriously have the BEST smile! :0) Pretty sure the fence around these ruins is up for a reason, but KC suggested climbing in the window and who was I to say no?!? ;0) absolutely love these next few:
love all the crazy texture in this one!

Happy Tuesday!

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