The Nielson Family- Reston VA Family Photographer

For the past few months I have been dying to get my friend Quinn and her sweet family in front of my camera! Last November I got to take a few pictures of her precious son Benjamin right before his 1st birthday, but always knew that one of these days we needed to schedule something to get the three of them all in one picture! They just found out that Jonathan got into med school and so their family will be moving to the blacksburg area shortly, so we picked a date and made it happen quickly so they could have some pictures before the move. I love spending time with Quinn and her family and seeing them interact; Benjamin is SUCH a sweetheart and his absolute favorite place to be is right in between Jonathan and Quinn. For some kids we bring lots of toys and props and things to their session to help bring out those really big smiles, but with Ben all he needs is mom and dad :0)

Quinn and Jonathan, thank you for your friendship and welcoming me into your home and sharing your sweet boy with me! I will miss seeing you guys on a regular basis, but I’m so excited for what this next chapter holds for your family! :0)

Look how handsome Ben is!! love this one :0) 
love his precious smile! I can’t get enough of his sweet curls, I would NEVER be able to cut them if he was my kid!
my faaaaavorite of Ben and his mama :0) he’s such a little cuddle bug :0) love the one on the left :0)

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! :0)

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