The Northcott Girls- Leesburg VA Senior Portraits

I don’t get to do senior portraits that often, but I always get so excited when the opportunity presents itself! There is something so fun to me about getting to spend an hour or so one on one with a high school girl and hear all about her plans for college and the combination of nerves/anticipation for that next big step. I remember graduating high school and being SO. FREAKIN. READY. for college! I couldn’t get out of high school fast enough! Lauren on the other hand, seems content with anything life brings her way. She seemed excited for college, yes, but she also seemed perfectly happy just to enjoy her summer at home before heading across the country for school in the fall. She’s heading to Pepperdine University with her sister, Shannon, so we talked about california sunshine, no humidity, beach days, and studying abroad… it made me want to start college all over again! :0) Lauren and Shannon, I so enjoyed spending the morning with you! I’m so excited for you both for this next year! Enjoy the rest of your summer! :0)

Meet Lauren: and her gorgeous sister Shannon! this picture makes me want a sister that I can sit on the front porch and talk with too: love this one of Shannon :0) we did the session at Lauren and Shannon’s house and there were SO many great backdrop options! Even at 7:00AM :0) I WISH i looked this good at 7 in the morning! :0) a quick change of clothes and one more stop to finish the session:

Happy Thursday!

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