Jake and Ashley: Part 2 – Hermitage Hill Farm Wedding Photographer

I’m not usually one to blog on a Saturday (as I’m usually busy with weddings!) OR to break a wedding up into two posts, but I knew once I saw all the favorites from Ash and Jake’s day that it was either one gigantic post, or two normal ones.. so, two it is! ;0) Right before I met with Jake and Ashley I had been talking with a friend about the kind of clients I would consider my “ideal couple”. It looks COMPLETELY different for every photographer, but the deeper into this business you get, the more you can identify the pieces and characteristics that define what that couple looks like for you. As soon as Jake and Ashley walked out of my home after their initial consultation, I remember thinking to myself that they pretty much ARE the definition of that couple for me. I got the full story of how the relationship grew and developed, we talked about ministry, wedding details, and they let me into their world as a friend first and foremost. They were grounded in their faith and everything else about their relationship was based off of that fact. The trust, the friendship, the respect.. everything came back around to their relationship with God. It was so clear to everyone present on their wedding day that they were there to celebrate how far God has brought each of them individually up until this point and now how much He will accomplish with them together! Jake and Ashley, thank you so much for the example you set of a Christ-centered marriage and for welcoming me with such open arms! It was a joy and privilege to be with you on your wedding day! Hope you are having the best time on your honeymoon! :0) I dont think we could have asked for a more gorgeous backdrop! LOVE this one on the left :0) one of my favorites :0) love the horses in the back! these next two make me happy :0) i LOVED all of the florals and centerpieces! Ashley was very quick to brag on Jake and tell me how he sat there and cut out each and every one of those triangles for the banners! Love the finished look!
first dance: aaand they’re off! :0) 
Enjoy your slideshow! :0)

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  2. Leigh says:

    I honestly don’t know how you guys are going to pick favorites!! They’re all so good!!!

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