JC and Katie are engaged!- Leesburg VA Wedding Photographer

From the moment I got Katie’s initial email I knew she and I were going to be good friends. Her enthusiasm was so clear, and she couldn’t wait for me to meet the love of her life, JC. Her joy was contagious and I couldn’t wait to be around the two of them! JC and Katie have made the long-distance thing work better than most; even though he goes to school in Alabama and she goes to Virginia Tech, they both randomly ended up in the same summer school class up here in northern virginia one summer, and as they say, the rest is history. I love hearing stories like that of people meeting and falling in love just because of a chance encounter, like being paired up as lab partners in a summer school class. Katie and JC, I’m so excited for you both and so thankful that you chose ME to be your photographer! :0) Enjoy lots of my favorites! Happy Friday!

That shot on the left is one of the very first images out of my camera, needless to say I knew right away it was going to be a GREAT session :0)
love this next one :0) Katie and JC were complete naturals in front of the camera! I seriously don’t think I took a bad photo of these two! love this next one :0)
LOVE this next one! like I said, these two made my job REAL easy :0) a house divided… well, kinda ;0)
another favorite, Oatlands is SUCH a gorgeous property! I could have photographed these two all day!
how sweet are these next two?! I absolutely love the one on the right! 
Happy Friday!

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  2. scarlson says:

    great pics!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Soo cute, Katie!

  4. sarah gordon says:

    love the pictures!! Best wishes :)

  5. Linda Kessler says:

    Wonderful pictures! Both of you are going to make a beautiful couple.

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