Chris and Megan- Alexandria VA Wedding Photographer

Ever since I started flipping through these images last week I’ve been dying to share them with you all! Meet Megan and Chris, one of my incredible 2012 couples! I got to spend the evening with them walking around one of my favorite little spots in Old Town Alexandria for their engagement session last week and between the gorgeous light, fun location, and mostly how joyful Megan and Chris are together, I was in a photographers heaven :0) I had the hardest time narrowing down images for the blog post, and it got me so excited for their wedding next March! I genuinely believe that I end up with the exact clients that I’m meant to have and don’t stress out if a couple opts to book someone else at the end of the day, but I will say that as Megan and Chris left after their initial client meeting I remember thinking “okay Lord I know it will work out either way, but I would REALLY love to hang out with them again, soooo can we make that happen??” :0) Megan and Chris, thanks so much for choosing me to be your photographer! I can’t wait to see you guys again! :0)

one of my absolute favorites! Megan, you are STUNNING!! This doorway is one of my favorite places to shoot in Old Town :0) Love the texture of the stone, and that door just so happens to match just about everything in my home :0) its the perfect shade of blue! I think I could have kept them in front of this door all day long! huge canvas?!? i think YES!! :0) Megan found this cute sign on etsy :0) ha! love this one :0) love how happy they are :0) this job i have? its pretty great :0) Old Town Alexandria has some of the best spots! I feel like I could have stopped just about on every corner! 
Happy Tuesday!

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