Meet Connor- Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

Connor, meet my wonderful blog readers… blog readers, meet Connor! Get excited to watch this little man grow over the next year! If the next 4 sessions go as well as this one did, its going to be a GREAT year :0) Connor was one of the easiest babies i’ve ever photographed and slept for me the entire time which very rarely happens, so I promised him that our future sessions would be easier on him… and that I wouldn’t stuff him inside a football helmet again ;0) These first year packages always fly by way too fast, and before I know it I’m sure Connor will be running around and I’m excited to see him grow, but for now I’m so happy I got to spend some time with this precious tiny baby boy! Nate and Monica, thanks for sharing him with me! Can’t wait to see you guys in a few months! Connor’s parents were so nice to share their old teddy bear with him ;0) Nate and Monica met playing college sports, and I love that we were able to incorporate that into Connor’s newborn session! I think this was the ONE second in about two hours that he opened his little eyes :0)
That little overall set is size 12 months and the coat is size 3 months.. and look how TINY he is compared to them! I bet he will be wearing those little outfits before you know it! look at his sweet little smile! christmas baby: complete family picture:
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. […] One year ago I got to meet this handsome little man… and today we are celebrating his 1st birthday!! Connor has had the sweetest disposition from day one and was all smiles for me when I showed up last week for his first birthday session. While I will always maintain that I am a natural light photographer first and foremost, there’s something that i LOVE about photographing a family IN their home! My favorite shots from this session are ones where Connor is just crawling around his room or playing peek-a-boo in his crib. This is his space, where its comfortable and familiar, and he was happy just to explore and move around! Thankfully we still have two more sessions with this little man, so you will be able to watch him grow throughout 2013 as well! Happy Birthday Connor! :) cutest rocking horse ever! i love his little Bullseye horse! when I get close enough they can see their reflection in the lens, and i love the photos that result from them reaching out toward my camera :) can’t you see the determination in his face to reach it?! :) peek-a-boo! :)doesn’t he have the most amazing blue eyes?!we took this photo of him on his dresser during his newborn session: and i love this comparison shot from this past session! crazy how much the grow and change in that first year, huh? Connor has his letter for Santa all ready to mail! :) Happy Birthday little one!  have a great weekend! […]

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  3. Elizabeth says:

    Loved the last pic — and the one with the entire family is adorable….Merry Christmas!

  4. Grandma says:

    Adorable baby — great pictures! xoxoxo

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