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You can just go ahead and brace yourself for potentially the cutest little subject to ever be on the blog this morning! Meet Chester, my friend Jen’s christmas gift! He’s about a 7 weeks old now and the tiniest little fluff ball you’ve ever seen. He is one of those puppies that you see and immediately think he belongs on a calendar somewhere! When I met him the first time last week I was immediately regretting not bringing my camera, so next time I stopped by we staged a quick 5 minute photo shoot to get some pictures of him while he is still so teeny tiny!

Seriously… this face just melts my little baby heart! ;0)
Chester was not a huge fan of the box though.. he thought it made a better chew toy: pretty sure it doesn’t get any cuter than this right here. and a couple quick pictures of Jen and her new baby :0)

Happy Wednesday!

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  3. mel avjean says:

    Thanks for sharing that little ball of fluff! Smiling! xo~mel

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