ten things you might not know about me

1) I always keep nice letters/emails/texts/cards that people write me. ‘Words of Affirmation’ is one of my strongest love languages, and few things mean as much to me as a nice note from a friend or client. I have a shelf in my closet that I see every day with my favorite handwritten cards from the past few years.

2) I think opening gifts in front of people is one of the most awkward things to do. ever. I love GIVING gifts, but there’s something about people watching you opening gifts that just makes me uncomfortable. Somehow I don’t see a bridal/baby shower in my future…

3) I have no talent for walking in heels. Never have. Probably never will. Here’s hoping that doesn’t make me any less of a lady ;) 

4) I have never liked my name. I have personally met 8 other Jessica Smith’s… worlds most common name? apparently so. I love my middle name, Rae, but I can’t wait to get married so I can ditch Smith once and for all! Now watch me marry someone with the last name Jones or Miller… sheesh.

5) When I was in high school, choir and singing defined my life. I was ranked as the 4th best out in the state in Virginia for my voice part, and it is where I found my worth and validation before Christ flipped my world upside down in college.

6) I have the hardest time changing out picture in the frames around my house. I loving having old pictures that remind me of favorite memories up, and tend to just add more frames instead of switching out those old images for new ones.

7) I genuinely enjoy cooking, but I eat cereal more than any thing else. I could eat cereal alone for the rest of my life and be perfectly content.  

8) Growing up I wanted to be a teacher. and doctor. and ice skater. and journalist. and a mom. always a mom. all at the same time. BIG dreams, i tell ya!

9) Although I love playing games, I am one of the least competitive people you will ever meet. in fact if i can tell it means that much to you, i’ll probably just let you win.

10) I pretty much really hate high-fives. I’m a hugger, and have always maintained that i need at least three quality hugs on a daily basis. Even with my new clients, typically they get a handshake on their way in the door, and a hug on their way out. Even the side hug (which you had to master being a YoungLife leader) is preferable to the high-five. So please, dear friends, if you see me, just take a minute and make my day by giving me a hug. a GOOD hug :)
(and a big thank you to Jill for the new pictures! :) ) 

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  6. Julie Olson says:

    Jessica – I don’t know you at all and stumbled on your blog a few months ago. I love how you incorporate your life into your blog and let us into a bit of YOU. Thank you so much! And by the way, I LOVE your photography! I make a point to look at your blog almost every day to see what new beauty you will capture. You definitely have a gift both in your photography and in your outlook on life! :-)

  7. Ant Lis says:

    Beautiful, inside and out. And, Jessica Rae, you have quite a healthy dose of Ellis in ya. You are one of the Ellis girls, for sure. Great new photos! Loving you! Ant Lis

  8. Grandma says:

    I’m still your biggest fan! xoxoxo

  9. Jessie says:

    Thanks everyone for the sweet comments! :)

  10. you look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. These are awesome!!! Jessie we need to see you…we miss you!!

  12. KC Fisher says:

    you look amazing!! keep up the great work!

  13. Judie Hilton says:

    Love the pics Jessie. I still see the eight year old Jessie, but also the beautiful woman she has become. Had to smile at number 8, there was never a doubt you wanted to be a mom, no one loved the little ones more than you. My prayers are for your dreams to come true.

  14. mel avjean says:

    Jessica Rae Charming! I like that! I love your new photos! You will always be My Little Miss!

  15. Suzy says:

    Totally agree on #2…Christmas is one big awkwardfest for me. Bridal and baby showers were even worse. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for the gifts — just…you know…awkward about opening them.) And, you are gorgeous, Jessie! Love the pictures!

  16. mom says:

    I love the new pictures! You look beautiful! I did know all those things about you (I’ve had the inside track.) Sorry about #4…hopefully you’ll meet a wonderful man with a name like Grubbleflameister or something interesting. Maybe a Mr. Charming? Jessica Rae Charming would work fine too! xoxox

  17. Shannon H says:

    Jessie! Can I just say YOU LOOK FABULOUS! I love how you’re just glowing :)

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